About African Cities

The platform for the African debate on urban growth

The economic revitalisation of Africa is being shaped and defined by its cities; they are one of the most powerful engines of growth. As these cities expand into metropolitan areas, which in turn morph into mega-regions, African city density, interactions and networks are serving to bring together, organise and empower people and business, and provide access to a global basket of opportunities.

African Cities serves to highlight the efforts of African cities’ policy-makers, investors, researchers, governments and interested parties whose efforts have a common goal; the vision of a urban environment worthy of the 21st century, and one that will account for some 1.2-million residents by 2050.

In their efforts to speed up development, city stakeholders are working relentlessly to meet challenges and ensure systematic and inclusive urban planning, the introduction of new technologies, the promotion of financial inclusion, and the empowerment of local authorities among others.

African Cities is the voice of all those who innovate, who collaborate, and who act in the best interests of local governments for development, for entrepreneurship, and aid in building the ‘people’s’ cities of Africa.